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Adam E 10 months ago

Hi Solar Sailor, there is a glitch on here lately when trading bundles they arrive in the other person's account unable to be opened properly. Your bundle isn't working for me so I'm sure my bundle isn't working for you either. This has been going on on here for a few months now and it's probably 5-6th time it's happened to me. If you contact support explain what's happened they reload the bundle in your account and then it works properly. I'm about to send a ticket in myself. If you don't know how to do it down the bottom of the front page is a section called 'support' if you click on that a page opens ignore the FAQ up the top right hand side of that page will be an option 'submit a request' or something similar, click on that fill out the form and Groupees should fix it within 24 hours. It's a shame this is still happening with traded bundles it's happening to everyone and hopefully they fix the issue at some point.

Solar Sailor 10 months ago

Thanks for the heads up, will do, its my first trade, had no idea there was issues with the trade system heh.

Adam E 10 months ago

No probs it was annoying the first time it happened to me I thought the guy had traded me a dud bundle. What's weird is all other items on here trade fine just bundles don't, they used to work fine but since around April this issue started. Hopefully they get on to our requests before the weekend otherwise might not be until Monday.